IDCCM 2019 Summer Newsletter

Aug 14, 2019

Message from Dr. Laurent Brochard

Dear colleagues and friends,

I hope you all enjoy a great summer. Taking time to relax, enjoying life with family or friends and reshaping our brain and body with art, sport, nature, barbecue or ... crosswords is essential for well-being. All our ‘leaders’ in the Division do care about this well-being and how best to offer a good work-life balance to everyone across our stressful jobs.

We also want to facilitate diversity and inclusiveness and I encourage you to read the ten strategies to use everyday to advance women in academic medicine, written by Anna Geagea and Geeta Mehta and published this month online in Can J Anesth/J Can Anesth. We’ll do our best to practice!

Achieving individual success and professional accomplishment is a major ‘collective’ goal of IDCCM and this Newsletter celebrates some of the numerous and impressive academic success of our members.

We present a snapshot of two research groups of IDCCM. This is the spirit of the Alliance days in IDCCM: to foster collaborations and create opportunities. We believe that collaboration – through subspecialities, clinical versus basic research, disciplines and professions - is key to be better and stronger. IDCCM and Toronto are the places to make it possible.

We’re happy to have a great website! Please look at it: it is your website and we are happy to improve it and to use it as better communication tool.

Life can be terrible too and we all have been affected by the loss of Brian Kavanagh. A big loss for IDCCM, for his friends and family. Many things have been said recently about this great man. We have inserted at the end of this Newsletter the nice editorial / obituary prepared by John Marshall and Art Slustky as a tribute to Brian’s memory. The publication contains a lovely photo of Brian, how we will remember him. Another obituary will be published soon in Anesthesiology by Bev Orser and myself (Brian was Editor in Anesthesiology).

Please continue with all your enthusiasm to be successful scientists, teachers, educators, quality improvers, administrators and clinicians and thank you for all the hard work it represents!

Dr. Laurent Brochard

Jun 14 IDCCM End of Year Celebration 2021
Event | 6:00pm–11:00pm
Jun 15 Art Slutsky Research Day 2021
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