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Visiting Professor Rounds (VP) and Clinical Research in Progress (CRIP)

For the last 6 years the University of Toronto IDDCCM has been hosting routine Clinical Research in Progress (CRIP) and Visiting Professor (VP) Rounds.  In that time we have received 41 visiting professors spanning a broad range of seniority and research interests.  The VP rounds were designed to be more than typical Grand Rounds and Go experiences.  The visiting professors typically spend 2 full days shuttling around Toronto, meeting with trainees, faculty, and research staff.  They give 2 lectures, one for the trainees and one Grand Rounds talk. This program also includes the annual or bi-annual named lectureships in critical care: Resident¹s Day Lecture, the Sibbald Lecture, and the Goldstein Lecture.

The CRIP rounds occur roughly monthly during the academic year and provide an informal (No POWERPOINT) forum to discuss research ideas at their earliest phase.  When possible, we link CRIP presentations to the visiting professor¹s interest and get their feedback.

The VP rounds have recently been organized along topics to allow area experts in the city to engage their colleagues from across the city. These include neuro-critical care, quality improvement, physiology, and survivorship.  The VP lecture will be at the site of the local expert host who is facilitating the visit.

The program is smoothly and excellently coordinated by Meredith Malloy.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact one of us, Gordon.Rubenfeld@sunnybrook.ca or  Meredith.Malloy@sunnybrook.ca

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