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Sunnybrook Hospital

Sunnybrook Hospital

The Department of Critical Care Medicine at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre delivers primary ICU patient care for a total of 44 closed beds, including:

  1. a 20 bed medical-surgical-trauma unit with 1200 annual admissions, including all ventilated patients from the largest trauma program in Canada,
  2. a 14 bed cardiac and major vascular surgery ICU with 1200 annual admissions, and
  3. a 10 bed neurosurgical ICU.

The Sunnybrook CCM department also provides daily consultant care to the largest adult burn unit in Canada (10 beds, 200 acute burn admissions annually).
Over the last year, Critical Care at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre has undergone change, with the addition of new ICU beds which, in total, creates a "Critical Care Central" program encompassing the following units:

  • CrCU on M2
  • CVICU on M2
  • B5 ICU
  • D4 ICU
  • Burn Unit ICU
  • SunnybrookTogether, these areas provide more than 80 beds for management of critically ill patients with single or multiple system organ failure.
    CCM residents responsibilities vary from week to week. They alternate between the various teams (CRCU, CVICU, B5 and D4). CCM residents are on call 1 in 4 in house with another CCM resident or hospital based fellow in addition to 1 junior resident. As a team, they are collectively responsible for all the ICU patients in the hospital and provide consultation to the various medical and surgical floors, the emergency department and all traumas that arrive from the emergency department or operating theatre. As the training of CCM residents/fellows progresses, they will be asked to lead interdisciplinary rounds.  This will foster the development of communication and leadership skills.  The trainee will be expected to focus the team's discussion and develop a working plan incorporating all aspects of the patient illness, including family issues. Fellows are involved in all levels of patient care, and will optimally assume the role of a junior staff physician. The education programat Sunnybrook includes a a variety of seminars in ethics, clinical epidemiology, error rounds, morbidity and mortality rounds, CCM / fellow teaching sessions (cased based), and an acclaimed daily morning report..

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