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This intensive one‐year fellowship is open to graduates which meet our criteria of training. Our successful candidates are those with extensive experience in Critical Care Medicine, who demonstrate commitment to the specialty, and who are strong in the three pillars of excellence: clinical practice, education, and research. Fellows will be expected to be involved in research, clinical work and teaching residents and medical students.

This one‐year fellowship is meant for applicants who are expecting to return to academic centres to practice in a tertiary care capacity. Interested applicants are asked to forward the following information to criticalcare@smh.ca:

  1. Completed Fellowship Application
  2. Curriculum Vitae (in English and must include date of birth, telephone number and email address)
  3. Copy of Medical Degree and current license must be provided electronically as evidence that you can practice medicine in your own jurisdiction. If these documents are in a language other than English it must be accompanied by a certified translation to English
  4. Copy of your certification as a specialist must be provided electronically. If this document is in a language other than English it must be accompanied by a certified translation to English
  5. Three (3) professional references in English (include phone numbers and e‐mail addresses). All must be from individuals equipped to comment on your suitability forq the Fellowship, and at least two must be from physicians specializing in Critical Care Medicine. The references need to be sent directly from the referee to me without copy to the Fellow. These letters MUST be dated and signed.
  6. ICU preference of rotation (Medical Surgical ICU or Cardiovascular ICU or Trauma‐Neuro ICU or combination)
  7. A list of ICU procedures that can be performed unsupervised
  8. A list of three (3) educational objectives
  9. A list of critical care conferences attended in the past 5 years including dates and locations.

We will finalize the selection process in mid‐December for our one year fellowship commencing in the following July and will contact you via email if your application is selected.


This program has been designed to offer physicians the opportunity of learning critical care in a Canadian academic institution. St. Michael's Hospital ‘s International Fellowship program aims to provide first class teaching in clinical practice, education and research.

Clinical practice in critical care is developed around the concept of evidence‐based medicine, using standardization of care and quality of care policies. Evidence based medicine is then combined with experience‐based practice resulting from a multi‐disciplinary approach. This concept of multidisciplinary decision‐making system is exemplary of what can be achieved by a team including multi‐caregivers. This approach is common to our four specialty intensive care units.


Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MS ICU): offers a broad field of expertise in medical and surgical critical care. A specific approach of advanced ventilatory support, airway management and inflammatory response of sepsis has been developed by this unit.

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CV ICU): provides a model of acute cardiac surgical care including the management of coronary artery disease, valvular disease, severe heart failure and dysrhythmia. Access to cardiac cathvascular lab investigations and peri‐operative transesophageal echocardiography is also offered to the fellows having a special interest in these fields.

Trauma Neuro Intensive Care Unit (TN ICU): has developed a field of excellence in brain injury, neurosurgery to multisystem trauma, allowing the fellows to learn and management in one of the most advanced centers in Canada.


It is absolutely imperative that you review and understand the PEAP process.

Pre‐Entry Assessment Program @ St. Michael's Hospital (link)

The Pre‐Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) for fellows is an assessment process that evaluates certified international medical specialists to determine whether they can function at the level of Ontario residents who have completed their primary certification and are qualified to enter an Ontario fellowship program.

The PEAP process allows for appropriate, supervised clinical activity. A PEAP candidate is assessed in a multidisciplinary environment where there is patient input on an ongoing basis. The PEAP must meet the following criteria:

  1. be of four to twelve weeks in duration
  2. be taken at a medical school in Ontario
  3. provide assessment of the candidate’s general knowledge and competency in the specialty in which s/he is certified, and appropriate for practice in the discipline in which the candidate is entering fellowship training
  4. provide assessment in respect of whether the candidate,
    • is mentally competent to practise medicine
    • has the ability to practise with decency, integrity and honesty and in accordance with the law
    • has sufficient knowledge, skill and judgment to engage in the kind of medical practice authorized by the certificate
    • can communicate effectively and displays an appropriately professional attitude


In our business, we often receive or have access to confidential, private and sensitive patient information. Each member of the hospital community must follow the commitment to patient confidentiality as required by the applicable policies, and they will demonstrate that commitment by:

  • Avoiding discussion of confidential patient matters in places where you may be overheardby people who do not have a valid need to know such information, such as in elevators, corridors or refreshment areas.
  • Ensuring that documents containing confidential patient or hospital information aremaintained in a manner that persons who do not have a need to know the content of such documents cannot see or access them.
  • Ensuring that an individual’s computer IDs and passwords are not given to any otherperson.

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