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  • International leadership in advancing the care of the sickest patients through innovation and excellence


The Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine is a diverse group of educators, researchers and clinicians committed to improving lives and care of the critically ill by:
  • Educating and mentoring the next generation of clinicians, teachers and scientists
  • Fostering and conducting relevant, high impact research
  • Leading in the delivery and assessment of the highest quality clinical care
  • Generating novel technology
  • Translating knowledge and innovation into practice and policy


  • Excellence - in advancing science and education to provide the highest quality and safest care to critically ill patients
  • Collaboration and Teamwork- within and across the division, across disciplines and health professions that transcend geographic sites and departments
  • Collegiality and Respect - fostering constructive, supportive and inclusive relationships that enhance the spirit of cooperation and respect for diverse perspectives and beliefs across the division
  • Innovation - in promoting critical inquiry and supporting implementable ideas which provide value and evidence to advance critical care
  • Accountability - transparency and responsiveness in all of our activities to our stakeholders and diverse communities

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